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The goal of ISPL is to advance our society through providing innovative solutions to resolve issues that are related to technological innovation of firms and nations, paradigm shifts in the global economy, as well as relevant policy development, and to enable more balanced and unbinding future to be realized earlier.

We focus on the "Strategic Management of the Dynamics of Innovation" and is to understand the role of technological, market evolution, and innovation in shaping the destinies of industries and firms, as well as nations.
We also focus on the effect of regulation on innovation and corresponding welfare of our society in order to improve our social welfare through innovation.

Therefore, we are trying

(1) to understand the evolution of technological innovation, the sources of innovation, the role of strategic innovation management in firms; especially, in high-tech industries, such as pharmaceutical, mobile and IT, and energy industry. These industries are not only unique in their technological complexity, but also in their socio-cultural and socio-economic impact on our society.

(2) to suggest strategic and socio-economic solutions to those industries and nations by promoting technological, managerial, and social innovations in order to improve the overall welfare of our society.

Advancing our society through innovation and bringing higher value to all of us is the main mission and goal of our lab.

ISPL introduction by National Research Foundation (2017.2.) of Korea (in Korean).